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The fast and effortless way to pop blistered medication that pays for itself in as little as four months!*

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Want a quick, easy, pain-free way to deblister pharmaceuticals?
Introducing The Bliss, by Blister Bench.

Popping pills by hand is a slow and painful process that can lead to Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) and other serious health problems. The Bliss changes all that.

The Bliss is a simple, compact pharmaceutical deblistering machine that requires no power, very little setup, and is so easy to use you'll be up and running within minutes of opening the box.

Using a simple sliding action, The Bliss lets you pop the perfect number of pills in a fraction of the time with minimal effort, so you can fill more prescriptions faster and stay pain-free.

With a few little adjustments, you can pop almost any size and type of medication, and it’s compact and portable so won’t take up valuable bench space.

At barely 1/10th of the price of some popular deblisterers, it's the affordable way to increase the productivity of your pharmacy.

Watch Pharmacy Technician Michelle use The Bliss and talk about the amazing difference it has made to her blister packing work.

What Will The Bliss Give You?

More Time

Deblister medication in less than half the time it takes to do it by hand, so you're free to concentrate on serving customers.

More Money

Improve staff efficiency by helping your team fill more prescriptions each day, increasing capacity and revenue.

Happy Staff

By removing the pain of manual deblistering, you'll show your team how much you really care about them.

Our staff are very dedicated to their jobs and I’m always keen to provide small efficiencies and comforts that can make a difference not just to morale but also to productivity in the long term. I was so impressed with this little device that I signed the cheque before even knowing the price. I was convinced it would make the workplace better, and it has.

Gordon, Pharmacist, McCrae's Pharmacy

Check out The Bliss from all angles:


It makes deblistering a lot easier and faster without hurting my thumbs. I can deblister a row of tablets in one swipe, in at least half the time of doing it by hand. It’s so good, I wouldn’t pack without it.



These great features make The Bliss so easy to use:

1. Pop the perfect number of pills using the smooth, sliding action that gives you full control.

2. Ergonomically designed handle requires no downward pressure.

3. Simple and quick settings enable you to pop a wide range of different sized blistered medication.

4. Rubber feet help keep the Bliss steady and anchored to the bench.

5. Removable pill tray catches the deblistered medication, making it easy to fill robot cartridges or pack directly.

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Having worked with people for many years, popping manually and seeing them suffer, for me it’s of value just to save the technician's hands. It’s absolutely a worthwhile investment.


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*Our customers report conservative time savings of five minutes per dose pack client when using the Bliss.
A pharmacy processing 150 dose pack clients per month can save approximately 50 hours of technician time over four months.