The Bliss

NZD $995.00 Excluding tax (if applicable)

The Bliss makes popping pills a breeze. It provides smooth, evenly-distributed compression to pop the toughest foils without damaging even the softest capsules.

Included in the box are a handy pill tray that slides under The Bliss to catch your medication, plus a useful scoop that makes it easy to transfer medication into robot cartridges, bottles or blister packs.

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The Bliss is small in size but packs a real punch when it comes to pill popping. The patented design seems so simple, but looks can be deceiving; the precision and focused power you can achieve with this wonder tool is amazing and it can provide subtle, evenly distributed compression for the softest capsule.

The secret is as in many things in life is simple, you operate it in the way you need to.

This machine is built to last. Anodised Aluminium and stainless steel plus high grade acrylic parts will ensure this device will sit safely on you benchtop and work tirelessly day after day, year after year.

Supplied with a handy pill tray.

No mechanical parts that can break down and no electricity required.

Patent Pending: PCT/NZ2015/050030, NZ622738